The maxillary sinuses are present on both sides of nose, and on top of the upper (maxillary) teeth. These sinuses are empty, air-filled spaces. Roots of the upper molar teeth extend up to the floor of the maxillary sinus. After the extraction of teeth resorption of bone starts which leads to thinning of sinus floor bone thus reduces the height of bone for implant placement in that area. For placement of dental implants proper bone height & width is prime requisite.

By sinus lift surgery it increases bone height in the upper jaw molars and premolar region. It is also known as sinus augmentation as grafting is done in sinus region. By this procedure the required height of bone to place implant is achieved in maxillary sinus region, which are on either side of your nose. This new grafted bone can be seen in the radiographs / x-rays. Most of the time synthetic bone grafts are used. In some of cases patient’s own bone i.e. autogenous bone graft is harvested and mixed with the synthetic bone.

After sinus lift/ Sinus augmentation dental implants can be placed in the grafted region, and as per requirement of patient single crown or a bridge can be placed as per treatment plan.


  • Are you wearing loose dentures which hurt each time you eat?
  • Are you embarrassed of your denture because it moves each time you cough or sneeze?
  • Are you the last person to finish your meal?
  • Are you constantly applying gels to sore spots under the denture?
  • Are you a candidate who needs denture stabilisation with dental implants?
  • If you reply to above questionnaire is ‘yes’ for most of these questions, then you would benefit from dental implants.
  • It is commonly seen that mostly lower denture moves because there is very less bone to hold it because of resorption as we lost. The solution for this problem is to get implants to stabilize the dentures. You may need minimum of 2-4 implants to stabilise the dentures. For stabilisation of denture the attachments on the implants gets fixed in the inner aspect of denture.

With the support of Implant the denture gets fixed & thus dentures does not slip or slide and improves the quality of life. You can begin to enjoy your meals with no sore spots/ulcers and eat everything that you always wanted to.


Single tooth implants are one of the best choices for replacement of one missing tooth. It is a boon for the replacement of tooth/teeth to provide several benefits to the patients who have recently lost one or more tooth in different areas, and want to replace the missing tooth/teeth. The dental implants function appreciably for more than 15 years if maintained properly as per the instructions.

Best option for replacement of the missing tooth is single tooth implant restoration. It consists of three parts. The implant portion that goes inside bone acts like a root of a natural tooth, the abutment which will support the crown. The crown is either cemented onto the abutment or fixed by a screw. As implant is made up of bio-compatible material that gets associated with the oral tissue in the mouth. Because of which they do not cause any adverse reaction in the oral cavity.


If multiple teeth are missing in different parts of the oral cavity than in that case one of the best solution for replacement of missing teeth is by several single tooth implants restorations. As multiple implants provide a firm base to the spaces of the missing tooth in form of tooth inside the patient’s mouth. Replacement of those missing multiple teeth becomes crucial so without any further delay treatment starting with the dental implants is important. Even with the help of multiple implants fixed bridges can be placed efficiently and successfully as a boon to the patients. Even in such cases success rate of the multiple tooth implants are having appreciating results. Even within few days of the successful completion of the treatment patients can have the foodstuffs they want to have.

The advantage of this treatment is that in this implants are placed individually at each of the missing teeth area. Hence, the implants doesn’t interfere with the functioning of each other including natural teeth, thus provide a firm base and support to the adjacent and opposite teeth also. Placement of the multiple teeth implants at the irrespective locations prevents the resorption of alveolar bone where the implants are placed which helps us to forget the worry of resorption of alveolar bone that occurs after the loss of natural teeth in the edentulous or partially edentulous area. After the placement of the dental implants, crowns are fixed on them that provides a natural yet aesthetic appearance to your smile for the rest of your life.


Latest innovations in the field of dental implant is all on 4 technique. The main motto behind using this technique is to keep the denture intact with minimum number of implants in patient mouth.

As the name suggests it requires four implants to support the entire denture so it needs less amount of bone so it acts as a boon to some of the patients who have resorbed ridges & more number of implants can’t be placed.

If patient has lost his/her twelve or more than twelve teeth and desires replacement then all-on-4 implants are the best treatment choice.

Advantages Of All On 4 Technique –

  • Implant placement in this technique helps to avoid relevant anatomical structures as implants gets anchored in the anterior region where the better quality of bone is available.
  • As it utilizes the available bone so reduce the chances for bone grafting.
  • Full-arch final restoration is done only with the support of four implants.so for the replacement of teeth in missing area of upper and lower arches total of eight implants will be required ie four in each arch.
  • Both Fixed and removable type of final prosthesis are possible.
  • Patient satisfaction is achieved as immediate loading is possible hence treatment time is reduced. As we have not to wait for a long time to deliver the denture permanently into the patient mouth.
  • It acts as a boon to the patients who desires replacement of missing teeth by fixed dentures in minimal time duration.

Implant Placement Accuracy :

  • Accuracy is achieved by placement of implant by All on 4 Guide.
  • With the help of computer assisted guide the treatment procedure is speed with improved treatment results with higher patient satisfaction.


Loading Of Dental Implants


  • Delayed loading implants.
  • Immediate loading implants.