Halitosis, commonly known as Bad breath, is a symptom in which is noticed by unpleasant breath odour even sometimes becomes the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. According to the recent studies it is estimated that approx. 6 % to 50% of population are having suffering from bad breath / halitosis but only very are aware that they are suffering from this disease.

Although it is not a serious health condition, but it can affect our interpersonal relationships adversely.

We are very well aware of the fact that consumption of some foods like onions, garlic and meat products can affect our breath. However, the bad breath that is caused because of these type of food products is temporary and it gets eliminated after few hours or sometimes after some time by the use of various types of mouth fresheners.

Sometimes the bad breath/halitosis is caused due to tobacco products like smoking etc. In such cases consumption of these products should be stopped along with supportive treatment by the periodontist.

Generally it is observed that bad breath/ halitosis is because of periodontal disease, caused because of accumulation of plaque and calculus and destruction of periodontal tissue. Even in patients with dentures bad breath is commonly encountered problem because of improper maintenance of cleanliness of dentures.

If you are suffering from bad breath/halitosis get yourself examined and treated at Dentesthica and get rid of it after treatment and advice of periodontist, so as to avoid further complications.

At Dentesthica we are well equipped with the latest equipment’s and technology. First we will assess the root cause of bad breath and then eliminate it by advising the treatment accordingly. So that after getting treated as per treatment plan formulated as per the condition of patient.

If it’s because of gum diseases than deep cleaning is done to remove the deposits which harbors the bad breath causative bacteria. After professional cleaning and following the instructions of oral hygiene maintenance.

If it’s because of faulty prosthesis or because of lack of oral hygiene because of difficulty in maintaining either because of faulty restoration or prosthesis than replacement of restoration/prosthesis will be advised.

So, if you are suffering from the bad breath/halitosis problem than feel free to contact Dentesthica for the complete solution of it.

Even along with all treatment tongue cleaning, daily flossing, regular professional cleanings etc. as a oral care maintenance program are advised to maintain oral health and to prevent bad breath/halitosis in the future.


In case of persisting periodontal disease even after nonsurgical periodontal therapy that includes scaling, deep scaling/ curettage laser pocket elimination therapy is advised. It is a superior method as compare to surgical method that is having high success rate that is aesthetically acceptable. As in this treatment pocket is eliminated painlessly by using laser therapy. In this process like open debridement ie flap surgery infected epithelium is scrapped which helps in pocket elimination and reduce the pocket depth by recovery of the periodontal ligament and building of connective epithelial along the treated surface.

Dentesthica is providing the Laser therapy that is minimally invasive for patients and recently routinely practiced worldwide.


If you are conscious with your smile as gums are more visible while smiling as the reason is that your front teeth are substantially covered by gums than you are having gummy smile. As your excess gums hide your beautiful teeth and makes your beautiful smile unappealing..

To overcome this problem Dentesthica offers you painless and bloodless gummy smile correction treatment by Laser to enhance your confidence by improving your beautiful smile. In this procedure excess gum length is reduced in relation to upper lip to give a unique different look u had ever before.

Other way to correct gummy smile is the traditional way of surgery, but this procedure is not generally followed now days as in surgery there is a risk of bleeding, infection and postoperative pain and discomfort. With the advancement in technology of cosmetic dentistry this problem is overcome by the use of Laser in a painless comfortable way.

By the use of laser excess gum tissue is removed without any bleeding as laser will coagulate the tissue. This procedure is painless without any risk of infection as compared to traditional surgical procedure.

Laser technology is the alternative to Scalpel surgery.

Visit Dentesthica for complete evaluation and treatment by proper assessment of the condition by our Gum specialist (Periodontist) at one of the best Multispecialty dental center located in South Delhi Dentesthica.

During the treatment our expert will reshape the excessive gum tissue without any damage to the required gum tissue to maintain biologic width and in few minutes you will get freedom from gummy smile. After assessment we recommend some of the cases might have to go for surgical procedure that can’t be treated with Laser.