PRP is an advanced and more refined technique commonly used for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation. In India BIO FUE is used with certain modification of existing FUE which improves the hair transplantation with best results moreover it also improves the condition of the existing hair. In Follicular unit extraction (FUE) individual follicles are extracted directly from of the donor area, which can then be implanted in the recipient area or the bald areas where hair regeneration is planned. In this technique regenerative cells are infused into scalp for better graft survival, better growth and rapid healing. – Also known as BIO FIBRE HAIR TRANSPLANT – STEM CELL THERAPY – SERUM THERAPY.


Hair loss is an extremely emotionally distressing condition in which individual lost his confidence because of baldness. As soon as hair loss begins the thinning of hairs bothers the patient as this condition is taking him towards baldness because of which a young individual also starts looking older. If going bald really bothers you than you can visit Dentesthica one of the best dentofacial esthetic center of South Delhi. As over here we not only regrow your hairs but along with hairs yours confidence will also get a boost.