“Healthy Childhood Is The Foundation Of Healthy Future”

Proper dental care for children is important as it establishes the foundation of proper overall health as their overall well-being is indisputable. When it comes to the welfare of your young ones parents don’t want to compromise on quality and wants best services of the finest quality .

Dentesthica assures that our expert will take care of your child’s journey to perfect oral health is a happy and comfortable one.

While visiting dental clinic children are having fear and anxiety. Recognizing that, we have curated every step of our approach to guarantee a wholesome and positive experience for your child!

We emphasize on preventative and proactive dentistry, to ensure that your child does not have to undergo any major dental procedure in the future. We educate children about various habits that builds up strong foundation of oral well-being. We diagnose detrimental habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking etc. and offer constructive solutions that help remedy them before they cause any serious destruction to their oral and general health. This also minimizes the need for major reconstructive work in the subsequent years.
By using behavior guidance techniques in place, we ensure stress-free visits for both the child and the parent so that they should feel comfortable during the appointment visits.
Before starting any appointment, we carefully assess the child’s cooperation level on that day. We try to engage the child by incorporating creative solutions like story telling etc. along with other child behavior management techniques to engage the child. It is as important to us as it is to you that your child’s dental experiences are relaxing and enjoyable!
One of our aims is to educate them on the importance of oral hygiene and good habits.
To avoid experience the pain of tooth decay, damage or sensitivity by the child, we believe in preventive dentistry to avoid a future dental visit, when we can avoid it by precautionary measures.
Additionally, we advise a simple 10 minute procedure which, is done on regular basis to seal the deep grooves (which act as catchment for bacteria and food) of teeth by the use of sealants to prevent the formation of cavities, and dental decay, that fortifies your child’s strong dental foundation.
We offer diet modification counseling to ensure that foods injurious to dental health are removed from the child’s diet. Moreover we educate both the parents and the child about proper brushing techniques based on the age of the child.

It’s a common misconception of families that milk teeth doesn’t require any dental attention as they will fall off and give way to permanent teeth. But it’s not like that it serves as a natural space maintainers, which is necessary for child’s oral maturation.

They are essential in development of child’s occlusion as if proper space is not maintained for erupting teeth than it can lead to malocclusion also& also needed for chewing, and for speech development. So if exfoliated before time it can lead to serious problems.

Dentesthica offers a wide range of treatments, which ensure total infection control to avoid decay from deciduous/ Milk teeth into permanent teeth.

Here we believe in minimal use of antibiotics or any other medications unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Treatments For Our Little One’s At Dentesthica :-

  • Caries control in a growing child.
  • Indirect Pulp Capping.
  • Root Canal Treatment.
  • Fillings/ Restorations.
  • Habit correction.
  • Trauma management.
  • Orthodontic treatment/ malocclusion treatment.
  • Esthetics for our little ones.

In present modern world we all are aware of the significance of oral healthcare. Dental problems can impact a child’s physical, mental and psychological well-being. Effects of poor dental health are varied from chronic discomfort to indigestion. As we all want that we should give the best to our children, and at “DENTESTHICA” we provide the best. Our experts provide unparalleled services to ensure that our kids should be, healthy adults.