If some mishap happens to your teeth, it becomes important to consult to your dental doctor (Dentist), to reduce the effect on your oral cavity. Because of lost or missing teeth adjacent or opposite teeth tend to get displaced. Fractured or damaged teeth should be restored to avoid further damage this can be reduced by immediate dental care/treatment as we notice damage.

Crowns provides strength more than fillings/restorations to the tooth that are grossly damaged either because of cavity or trauma.

Bridges are used for replacement of missing teeth and offer support for the surrounding teeth to help retain the integrity of the jaw and face structure.

A crown is commonly known a “cap”, which is given over existing tooth in oral cavity of patient, it is similar to original existing tooth. Crowns provides strength to the tooth that are grossly damaged either because of cavity or trauma or either root canaled treated tooth as after RCT tooth becomes weak & gets more prone for fracture on chewing/ biting.

To give a crown to the patient, dentist prepares the tooth that needs crown from all the sides known as crown preparation and makes an impression of the teeth and send it to a dental laboratory where crown is fabricated. After tooth preparation temporary crown is given to protect the tooth meanwhile the final restoration is being cemented on that tooth. As crown gets fabricated before final cementation, crown is first tried in the mouth known as trial and then finally cemented after trial or sometimes at a later visit depending upon adjustments during trial.


Crowns are fabricated by metal, porcelain, or newer restorative materials like metal free ceramics. They are customized and cemented as per shape & size of natural teeth of each patient. If oral hygiene is maintained Crowns last for more than ten years. Crowns can be fabricated by variety of materials. They can be made of plastic (for temporary crowns), ceramic or metal alloys.


  •  METAL FREE/ FULL CERAMIC CROWNS- Full-Ceramic” crowns are very popular these days. These crowns are metal free and yet extremely strong, they made of Lithium disilicate (emax Zirconia ( 3M Lava)
  • PFM/ PORCELAIN FUSED TO METAL CROWNS – In PFM crowns porcelain is bonded/attached to a metal shell. They are also having good strength and having with good results.
  • METAL CROWNS – These crowns are not very popular these days because of unaesthetic appearance in oral cavity, but still can be used for in the last molar areas or areas where occlusal clearance is in compromised situations. As these crowns are having good strength because of which they can withstand forces in the high stress areas mainly posteriors where pressure is more while chewing.



Gaps in the teeth reduces self-confidence of an individual and can also affect the health of your adjacent teeth and gums. It not only affect your bite, even causes gum disease also. This gap is created because of loss of tooth that can be because of decay or trauma.

A bridge is a customized prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth in oral cavity. It takes support from the adjacent neighboring teeth on either side of the missing tooth for support similar to pillars supporting a bridge on a river. The neighboring teeth are prepared as crowns to serve as abutments (pillars) to hold the missing tooth in place.

In simple terms if one tooth is missing than, a bridge will be having three crowns with a false tooth (replacement of missing tooth) in between and two crowns cemented on the supporting teeth (one on each side). A bridge remains in your mouth for many years as long as having sound supporting tooth structure.

There are various types of crowns are available based on the type of material used for fabrication of bridge- Metal free Zirconia (3M Lava), porcelain fused to metal & base metal.

Bridges are fabricated on basis of where they are going to be used whether anterior or posterior region and the condition of adjacent teeth.

If you are having sufficient amount of bone available than you can go for the best latest option of implant without sacrificing the adjacent teeth.


  • It replaces the missing tooth, which helps in better chewing, speech and in case of front teeth is involved it enhances the smile.
  • Prevents the remaining teeth from abnormal forces and stress.
  • Prevents shifting and tilting of neighboring teeth.
  • Prevents supra-eruption- up and down movement of the teeth in opposing arch.

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